What a crazy week end we had in Wackersdorf, Germany, for the first round of the CIK FIA European Championship for KZ classes!
The weather conditions were so unstable! Drivers tested their performances on Thursday and Friday with nice warm weather, but then heavy rain started pouring from a super cloudy sky, to then finish on Sunday with again a dry track but in extreme cold temperatures; we actually saw a few snowflakes dropping too!

Into such a complicated scenario, our drivers made a great job, managing their KR1 chassis in all conditions. Jorrit Pex was incredibly close to score a stunning pole position; he just missed it by .018 of a second!
After keeping his KR in the Top 3 during the qualifying heats, he lost a bit of performance in the final, due to a not ideal set-up for extreme cold weather, finishing P5. His brother Stan Pex also was fast, having scored the fastest lap of the race, but could not go over P10 in the final.
Their team mates, Mirko Torsellini and Rick Dreezen also showed some serious commitment, and collected a good amount of worth data to improve for the next round in Sarno.

Our KZ2 drivers struggled a little more, but the rookie Van Walstijn Senna impressed in his third ever racing week end in the shifter class, finishing P9 after a solid week end!

Let’s go see what the Team has to say.


“We have few drivers in KZ2, some at their debut in this class, like Bizzotto and Tonteri. It’s been a little hard for them and also for Van Leeuwen, who had a lot of misfortune during the heats, and was not able to reach the final.
Senna did great! It’s a good sign to be so competitive in his third race ever in KZ2; looks promising!

KZ was a tighter fight with the two Pex brothers, as we missed pole position by just .018 with Jorrit! The heats went pretty good with him in the rain, while Stan had a little bit more troubles to deal with, but was competitive as well.
We were in a good position for the final, we had the potential to aim to a podium; unfortunately, the weather changed massively during the week end, and it was so cold in the final we couldn’t actually find a proper set-up to make the chassis work as it used to do; it ended up being very different from what we tested during the free practices in Thursday, and it’s so unusual to race in such a cold weather!

We definitely will keep working for the next round in Sarno, as we scored good points here, so we can still try to achieve a good result in this KZ European Championship.”


“The whole week end was very good, especially during the heats in the rain; it was my first time driving this chassis in those conditions, and it was unbelievably good! I won one heat and finished third and second in the remaining ones. The chassis was also very fast in dry conditions; I missed pole by just .018 of second!
In the final we had to face a drastic change of weather, and I was not able to perform as good. We know what to do and how to develop the set-up for the future, we will make it work for Sarno; we scored good points here in Germany, and I believe we can fight for the title!
Overall I’m really positive about our chassis: this week end everybody was struggling with the tires, sliding a lot, but we were competitive and the feeling was very good!
I like working with Dino! I know him very well and since a long time, I know how he works, and it fits my needs perfectly. We just need to keep developing what already seems to be a very good chassis for KZ.”


“Overall this week end has been really difficult, because of the weather conditions; our chassis works definitely good overall, but we need to change few things to make in work as good in different conditions. Anyway, these should be fast solutions to find for the next race to be competitive again.
I really trust Dino a lot; we know we can be pretty fast with this KR chassis, and we’re going to work step by step to get faster. We will be racing for the World Championship in September and I believe we will be ready to aim to a big result.”


“This is actually my third race in KZ2, I used to race Rotax last year.
My week end here started very good, being pretty fast in qualy. I actually struggled during the heats because I still had no chances to drive a KZ2 in the rain. Anyway, the kart felt really good in those conditions, so I started finding my feet; I learned a lot!
I had a good start in the final, but then I had to avoid a contact, and that threw me in the mid field.
I really like this chassis! It has really good brakes and the optimum amount of grip; I’m a newbie in this class and I find the Kart Republic KR1 easier to drive than other chassis from other brands.
Kart Republic is also a very well organized team and I feel very comfortable working with Dino.”

So, the performance clearly is there, as we keep growing together, step by step. Next round of this KZ European Championship will take place in Sarno, on June 16th, and Jorrit Pex will have the chance to win the title!