The first round of the WSK Open Cup in Lonato was very successful for Kart Republic! All the drivers driving a KR chassis have been fast and competitive and we had three of them on the highest step of the podium in OKJ, OK and 60 Mini; we also jumped on the KZ podium in 3rd place!
Andrea Kimi Antonelli won sensationally in OKJ, after dominating the week end from qualifying and made a super overtaking move on the very last lap to seize the win! Also, Taylor Barnard in OK completed a fantastic week end with a solid performance and won the final with merit; a truly positive week end for Rosberg Racing Academy!
This week end we had many new drivers joining us in OKJ, like Lindblad, Ho and Stenshorn; they’ve all been competitive and the level has definitely been raised.
Very good news also in 60 Mini, with a well deserved win from Nikola Tsolov with our partner Team Driver.


It’s been the hardest race of the year for me! I started P4 in the final, I had a pretty good strart, and I just tried to drive to my usual pace; all of my opponents were pretty fast and I was pushing extra hard to catch them. The last five laps have been really intense; after a small mistake, while I was in the slipstream of Bedrin, I made my move on the last lap, and we kept fighting for the remainig corners. I’m really happy to be a racing winner again!
Big thanks to Kart Republic, Rosberg Racing Academy, Ravenol, Mercedes, Alpinestar, Bengio and Lucky Design!


It’s been a good week end! I had a little problem during qualifying but I’ve been able to recover to P3 after the heats. I started the prefinal second but I managed to overtake Smal and win the race, and I actually managed to also get pole for the final by 0.050 of a second; that’s really close! In the final, starting from pole, I made it to keep the lead and pull the gap to bring it on home.
I’d really like to thank Kart Republic, Rosberg Racing Academy, Ravenol and all of our sponsors!


I’m really happy with this week end, it’s gone really well so far. We made a really good step for the end of this season, looking to next year. I feel really confident now; I think we’ve started a very good reletionship with Dino, Richard, Flavio and my mechanic, Lorenzo. I can’t wait to get started next year!


The week end was pretty good for us; after finishing P3 in the pre-final, I kept my head down and focused on my pace during the final, eventually finishing 3rd. It’s my second race with KR and I’m feeling better, I feel the confidence is growing.


It’s an easy week end for me to judge, looking at the results!
In OK, Barnard has now become a reference for us; he’s now showing solid improvements after this positive season!
We know how strong Kimi is in OKJ! He will be racing OK next year, as soon as he turns 14, and I’m also very happy about all of our new drivers; Ho, Lindblad, and Stenshorn have all raised up our level in this class and this race was the confirmation of that. Also very good performance from Spina, who was unlucky in one heat and couldn’t get more that P4 in the final, despite having a pretty decent speed.
Very good performance also in 60 Mini with Tsolov, managed by our partner Team Driver, who won the race with a very good performance!
We definitely need to work more with KZ; we are on the podium with Senna and he also scored the fastest lap of the race, but we can improve.

We will be racing in Castelletto di Branduzzo on November 7th for the second and last round of this WSK series.