Kart Republic goes away from a hot week end in Lonato with lots of trophies in the trunk! At this third round of the WSK Euro Series, we witnessed an amazing performance from Dexter Patterson, from Sauber Karting Team; the Scotsman simply was too fast for anybody! He completed a perfect week end, showing his amazing pace in all phases. Also Lorenzo Travisanutto (from CV Performance) confirms his stellar moment, by recovering some positions to finish 2nd and keeping the fight for the title open.
Very good week end also for Barnard (Rosberg Racing Academy), Dufek (Sauber Karting Team) and Patrese, on his first appearance in OK.
OKJ sees the names of Kart Republic and Rosberg Racing Academy at the top, as Antonelli rushed to the lead after scoring a great podium here in Lonato. Good performances also for all our drivers in OKJ, as Dino will tell us.
Amazing performance also in MINI Class, with Dedecker and Macintyre!


“My week end was very good! After scoring pole position on Friday, and winning heats on Saturady, I made a good start in the final and tried to keep it consistent from there. I think that was the key to winning this race, and I’m really happy for the Team!”


“Very hot week end! Also, very good week end for us looking at the ranks, as we’re now leading in OKJ with Antonelli, of Rosberg Racing Academy!
I’m happy with the performance of all of our drivers in OKJ, especially Antonelli and Spina; I’ve seen a good improvement from all the team in this class, and this is a very good news.
OK keeps being our best territory; here we’re pushing as well, always trying to find that little extra on each race. Patterson won the race with Sauber Racing Team, and Travisanutto (CV Performance) was just behind him, so the two of them keep being very consistent. Very good performance also from Dufek and Barnard, and I’m also happy for Patrese, who jumped into OK class for the first time here and did a good job.
Good job from Van Leeuwen in KZ; he had a contact with another driver in the final and slipped to the back, but his performances have been good for the whole week end.
About MINI class, we had Macintyre (Team Driver) who didn’t take part to the qualifying session and made it to recover from P92 to P5 in the final; he deserves to be the Championship leader! I’m also really happy for Dedecker, who won the race with Team Driver, after some unlucky week ends.
We will go to Adria for the final round with a chance to win the championship in all classes!”


“I think we couldn’t get more out of this week end; Dexter was extremely fast this time and being close to him is actually a great result for us. My start wasn’t great, I lost some positions and had to recover, so it’s good to be on the podium. I’m still leading the championship, so we will try our best next week in Adria to win this title!”


“Dedecker felt very comfortable from first days here in Lonato. He felt he could have a pretty good week end here and, after scoring pole position, he knew he had a chance to also win the race. We’re very happy for this result and we now have a good chance to fight for the championship in Adria!”