Sensational Week End for Kart Republic in Lonato

The first round of the WSK Open Cup in Lonato was very successful for Kart Republic! All the drivers driving a KR chassis have been fast and competitive and we had three of them on the highest step of the podium in OKJ, OK and 60 Mini; we also jumped on the KZ podium in 3rd place!
Andrea Kimi Antonelli won sensationally in OKJ, after dominating the week end from qualifying and made a super overtaking move on the very last lap to seize the win! Also, Taylor Barnard in OK completed a fantastic week end with a solid performance and won the final with merit; a truly positive week end for Rosberg Racing Academy!
This week end we had many new drivers joining us in OKJ, like Lindblad, Ho and Stenshorn; they’ve all been competitive and the level has definitely been raised.
Very good news also in 60 Mini, with a well deserved win from Nikola Tsolov with our partner Team Driver.

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Kart Republic wins in Castelletto

Another fantastic week end in Castelletto di Branduzzo, the icing on the cake in a very successful season!
KR sets the level high in OKJ, OK and Mini, winning titles and placing drivers on the podium; again, both Antonelli and Barnard seized the titles for this WSK Open Cup. Another victory also in 60 Mini, with driver Tsolov well managed by our partner Team Driver.

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WSK – Euro Series, Round 3 South Garda Karting 2019

Kart Republic goes away from a hot week end in Lonato with lots of trophies in the trunk! At this third round of the WSK Euro Series, we witnessed an amazing performance from Dexter Patterson, from Sauber Karting Team; the Scotsman simply was too fast for anybody! He completed a perfect week end, showing his amazing pace in all phases. Also Lorenzo Travisanutto (from CV Performance) confirms his stellar moment, by recovering some positions to finish 2nd and keeping the fight for the title open.
Very good week end also for Barnard (Rosberg Racing Academy), Dufek (Sauber Karting Team) and Patrese, on his first appearance in OK.
OKJ sees the names of Kart Republic and Rosberg Racing Academy at the top, as Antonelli rushed to the lead after scoring a great podium here in Lonato. Good performances also for all our drivers in OKJ, as Dino will tell us.
Amazing performance also in MINI Class, with Dedecker and Macintyre!

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Antonelli and Travisanutto win the WSK Euro Series

Another great story of awesome racing and deserved success for Kart Republic!
Under the lights of Adria our chassis seized the WSK Euro Series title in two classes; another trophy in our showcase!
Andrea Kimi Antonelli was simply unstoppable in OKJ, having scored pole positions and won heats; he dominated the final, and now has already two WSK trophies in his debut season in OKJ.
In OK Lorenzo Travisanutto brought CV Performance to a deserved success! Not an easy week end for him, but he’s been great at managing his position to the end, scoring enough points to win the championship.
KR keeps growing and performing good also in MINI Class, with MacIntyre and Dedecker closing th championship P2 and P3.
Overall, we’ve seen amazing performances from all of our drivers, in all classes!

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WSK – Super Master, Sarno 2019

What great week end for Kart Republic! We witnessed some amazing action on track, and both names of Kart Republic and Rosberg Racing Academy achieved incredible results in OK and OKJ classes; Dexter Patterson and Andrea Kimi Antonelli won the 2019 WSK Super Master Series title!

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WSK – Euro Series, Round 1 Sarno 2019

Another race week end is over, and the WSK Euro Series is now aiming at the next round in Angerville.

Not a perfect racing week end for Kart Republic here in Sarno! Lots of events affected our results, especially in OKJ and OK classes, even though the performance was clearly there: as Dino says, “this is racing!”.
But the team is delighted for scoring its first win in Mini class with William MacIntyre from Team Driver. Things look promising for the future races in this class.
Good signs are also coming from KZ, with our new driver Pex being really fast and consistent throughout the whole competition, despite being unlucky in the final. We will keep working following our path to the European Championship.

Last Friday, we also launched the new project, the “Sauber Karting Team”. We’re really excited to be involved into such high level partnership with a Formula 1 icon.

Let see what the protagonists have to say.

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